Uniformed Services Division 

The Uniformed Services Division (USD) is the largest and most visible component of the Agency. The USD currently provides protection services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in South Florida.


Community Relations Unit

Our officers assigned to the Community Relations Unit (CRU) are trained in the specific area of Community Relations and serve in the capacity as Community Relations Officers (CRU). The CRU meets with clients and residents of properties that we provide services for on a periodic basis to review and troubleshoot any possible problems or issues within and around their service locations. The CRU's will also conduct random daytime and nighttime inspections to assess any problems that have not been discovered.


Uniform Patrol

Our officers assigned to uniform patrol conduct patrol in marked and unmarked vehicles that are equipped with all the latest up to date technologies available, on bicycles, and on foot. Our officers also respond to requests for emergency and non-emergency assistance. Our officers are fully trained to respond to incidents and to take appropriate action, including detaining person(s) suspected of having committed a crime until proper law enforcement authorities arrive. Our officers are also fully trained in the area of parking enforcement. However, those are just a small part of what the Division does. U.S. Protective Service officers are service providers who are committed to your safety and to continually build on our bond of trust with the communities and clients that we serve.


Special Services Unit

The Special Services Unit (SSU) is responsible to fulfill requests from clients to provide off-duty U.S. Protective Service and/or Law Enforcement Officers for special duty assignments. The officers typically hired for these special duty assignments are primarily hired to maintain order, provide security, and to facilitate traffic flow.  This unit handles requests such as  but not limited to:

  • Special Events

  • Wedding/Prom Escort

  • Funeral Escort

  • Vacation / Extra Watch Details


Special Operations Division

Crime Interdiction Unit

The goal of our agency’s Crime Suppression Team (CIT) is to improve the quality of life in the community by addressing criminal activity or crime trends in particular areas as they arise. The officers selected for this unit are highly motivated and have demonstrated a proactive approach to preventing crime. Members of the team use similar community policing methods utilized by Law Enforcement Agencies nationwide as a means to better understand the needs of residents. The CIT is responsible for addressing a multitude of issues and the officers utilize nontraditional patrol methods in their attempt to deter criminal activity which results in an improved quality of life for residents and visitors throughout our service locations.


Emergency Response Team

Our Emergency Response Team (ERT) is tasked with providing protection for facilities and personnel in post-disaster environments. Although security is the primary mission for most of our response teams, our Emergency Response Team also handles the protection of mobile assets such as power line trucks and supply convoys traveling through affected areas.  Our ERT is also tasked with providing protection at residential communities/commercial enterprises post-major incident environments.


Executive/Dignitary Protection Unit

The agents assigned to this unit are responsible for the safety and security of clients that are mostly major corporate executives, dignitaries, and/or diplomats. This includes coordination and arranging for the client's travel including flights, hotels, local transportation, preparing safe transportation routes, evaluating the security of the residences at departure and arrival, completing advances on destination points, and maintaining a presence when necessary at special functions or events. Our agents are also tasked with providing executive protection and logistics support when the clients travel domestically and abroad. Our agents are also responsible for the safety of personnel transporting high valuables on behalf of clients and the security of the high valuables itself.


Protective Services Division