About U.S. Protective Service

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Established in 2014, U.S. Protective Service is a fully integrated public safety agency ranging from Residential and Commercial Protection to Escort Security and Executive Protection Services. Based out of South Florida, U.S. Protective Service is selectively staffed by highly-experienced, tactically-trained, and field-experienced former U.S. Federal, State, and Municipal Law Enforcement Officers or U.S. Military Special Operations Group personnel, who have now chosen to serve as private industry protection professionals for our agency.  The majority of our officers, each individually possess over 20 years of real-world, high-risk international or domestic operational experience.  Most of which have gained their extensive experience while serving tours in some of the most dangerous places on earth.  U.S. Protective Service thoughtfully utilizes the diverse experience of its highly skilled staff along with cutting edge innovative technologies in concert with disciplined, reliable operational protocols in the protection of life and property.

The Office of the Director is responsible for the overall functions of the agency. Members of the Office of the Director coordinate; long-range planning, policy development and review, employee development and training, personnel management, financial management and purchasing, employee accountability, and media relations. Under the direction of the Director are Assistant Directors that serve as the chief administrative officer, and as the commanding officer of the Professional Development and Compliance Division.

Professional Development and Compliance Division

Under the direction of an Assistant Director, The Professional Development and Compliance Division (PDC) is responsible for the training and professional development of employees to help meet organizational and state objectives. By developing and delivering courses to promote high performance, and implement the standards set forth by Florida State Statutes. The PDC is also responsible for the development, deployment, and implementation of human resource management policies, programs, and processes. To accomplish this, the division had established a Training Unit to handle all the training needs of the agency.

Furthermore, the PDC is tasked with ensuring the integrity of U.S. Protective Service and to protect the public, through fair, thorough, and proactive investigations of alleged employee misconduct by accepting complaints regarding allegations of misconduct or unlawful activity against agency employees. To accomplish this, the division had established the Professional Compliance Unit to handle internal investigations.

Professional Compliance Unit

The Assistant Director in charge of the Division reviews every complaint. Minor complaints are forwarded to the employee’s immediate supervisor for initial investigation; however, if a crime is alleged, the proper law enforcement authorities will be contacted as part of the investigation.

Training Unit

The PDC provides our employees with high-quality training including both entry-level and in-service training. Additionally, the Training Unit has the responsibility for coordinating and arranging all outside training, coordinating and monitoring for new employees, conducting both pre and post on the job training orientation for new employees, maintaining training records for all employees.  The Training staff is responsible for both State mandated training and any additional service training. In addition, the Training Unit has a number of instructors that teach a variety of courses in their area of expertise ranging from report writing, communications, human diversity, to Emergency Management, Use of Force, Use of Deadly Force, and Active Shooter Incidents. The Training Unit conducts research, training, and development of weapons, equipment, tactics, and procedures. U.S. Protective Service requires our officers to maintain the highest level of proficiency, skill, and professionalism and our training staff work extremely hard in maintaining these high standards.